Saluki Marooned by Robert P. Rickman

Time Out On the Field.

On Thursday Oct 31, 2012 the website malfunctioned, sending everyone back to the home page regardless of what pages were clicked.  Through a mysterious set of circumstances the lost pages were sent to 205 Kellog Hall, Thompson Point, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale... in year 1971.

This was Marta's dorm room.  Marta, a character in Saluki Marooned takes the story from here,

" I got a call from some dude at 'Bluehost' whatever the hell that is. He told me to 're-save' the permalinks on the web site. So, I said 'sure man, no hassle, you're the dude,' and I hung-up. Then I got ANOTHER call from a Robert Rickman, whoever the hell HE is, from 2012 thanking me for fixing the web site. Isn't that wild? Nothing like drying out those mushrooms from the salad bar and...."

Again, thank you Marta for or accidental, unwitting, yet whole hearted intervention which resulted in the web site being repaired within hours.  The author is happy that he wrote your character into the novel.  For a moment by moment account of what is now called "The Single Web Page Chrises", check out our Facebook page.

Marta, living in 1971, saved the website
Click the peace sign and see how the website problems were solved by Marta...back in 1971.