Saluki Marooned by Robert P. Rickman

“God, I wish I could start over again!”

Time Warp Saluki Marooned SIU

SIU Night. Saluki MaroonedSaluki Marooned is more than a novel about college in the 70's, an obscure but fascinating part of the country, alcoholism and depression, and the loved and lost, it's also a prayer...

What a nervous person feels inside himself.
This is what Peter Federson feels like inside his skin.

Peter's soul is delaminating like the walls of the beat up old house trailer he lives in. He feels like little gremlins are tormenting his ultra sensitive nerves until he lashes out in anger at anyone who is in range of his wrath.

In chapter one he is found plodding his way through the world of technology with it's smart phones, lap tops, Ipods and flash drives....which passed him by long ago.  And he is left on the fringe of society desperatly hoping to connect with someone.. anyone.

After an awkward  exchange with Lilly, a cashier at a local grocery store, Peter drives to a coffee shop in his old beat up Dodge Charger...

"At Mellow Grounds that evening, I tried to use sheer will power to avoid an explosion of temper after the Lilly debacle, but the barista had sided with the gremlins.  He was talking both to me and to someone outside at the drive-thru window with one of those boom microphones growing out of his ear.  He looked like he’d feel at home in any air traffic control tower in the country.  After the usual confusion as to whom he was addressing—the irritated driver at the drive-thru or the heebie-jeebie-suffering patron standing right in front of his face—I received my coffee and sat at the nearest dissection table.  The barista looked relieved.

As usual, I was pitifully lonely, and had a vague, unrealistic idea of interacting with someone that evening.  But, of the 20 or so people in the coffee shop, it seemed that all were texting, talking on their cell phones, listening to their iPods, working on their laptops, or reading their eBooks.  Everyone was connected, except for me." 

In Chapter Two, after Peter finds a bag full of memories lying underneath his bed, he wishes more than he ever wished before that he could rewind his life, and start over again.  In Chapter Three, he has the chance to do just that.  

My gosh, how many times have you read this book?
My gosh, how many times have you read this book?  CLICK to purchase your own copy.
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