Saluki Marooned by Robert P. Rickman

What the Hell is a Saluki?


The mighty saluki of Southern Illinois University.
Salukis have been clocked at 35 mph.


This is a saluki.

The saluki is an Egyptian sight hunter that can run 35 miles an hour and is possibly the oldest dog breed in the world.

This is not a saluki.
This is not a Saluki.oldest dog breed in the world.  The saluki is also the mascot of SIU, because the university is located in Little Egypt.


Yes, Southern Illinois is known as Little Egypt...but no one knows exactly why.

And for a long time, few people outside of this region knew what a saluki actually was...until the 1967 basketball season, when Walt Frazier and the SIU team defeated Duke, St. Louis, Texas Western, and Louisville.  The Newark Star-Ledger's Jerry Isenberg wrote:

This is not a SIU saluki.
This is not a saluki either.

"Princeton has its Tiger. B.C. has its Eagle,

Rutgers is the Queensmen, a title truly regal.

But from frigid New York City to Kentucky's old Paduchee,

There's just one burning question - what the hell is a Saluki?"

The answer came when the team returned from New York City with the NIT trophy.  SIU's

News Service Director Pete Brown penned this in rebuttal:

This is not a saluki. It's a poodle/shrimp mix.

"Old Duke has its Devils Blue; St. Louis plays its Bills.Texas Western digs the Miners like there's gold in them thar hills.

But from Loo'ville on the bluegrass to St. Peter's on the bogs,

The scene was bad last winter; they all went to the dogs."

SIU salukis are noticeably cool.
"Yeah, they all went to the dogs...heh, heh," snickered the saluki.

Two legged salukis.
All salukis.


Three separate saluki breeds at SIU.
All three are salukis. The smaller one is thinking, "What happened to the breed?" Click the short saluki.
SIU Saluki.
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