Saluki Marooned by Robert P. Rickman

Roger Ramjet and the Big Blooper on WIDB.

WSIU 1970's

Because radio stations have microphones everywhere.

Tempting FateAnd disk jockeys are daring personalities who love to tempt fate, it stands to reason that they swear a lot around microphones.  Or better yet, re-record something, such as a liner, and insert the appropriate naughty word, and then keep it around on a tape cartridge (cart) for everyone's amusement.


Back in 1972 Roger Ramjet while jocking at WIDB had one such recording come around and bite him in the ahhh........let's let Roger tell the story,

The Jet

"I had the 55 minutes of music cart that we played after the first record in the hour set to go. At the last minute, someone walked in behind the board man (who could well have been Otto the Trained Bear) and switched the cart. I knew full well what it would say, but at that point I had no option but to throw the cue anyway."

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Old WIDB production board: the Ramjet B.S. liner.
Hear more of the Jet and see what he looks like now by CLICKING the old WIDB production board, where the infamous liner was recorded.
Together Six and the Jet.
The character RONALD Ramjet was based on ROGER Ramjet. Read an excerpt from the novel by CLICKING on the chick.