Saluki Marooned by Robert P. Rickman

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"Have I got a deal for you pilgrim!!"
The Chick

You can purchase Saluki Marooned right here!  You don't even have too...


Not so fast pilgrim!

"Hi, I'm Marta, the lead chick in Saluki Marooned.  Yeah see I keep Peter Federson from really freaking-out when he can't get his head together.  And as you can guess, his head isn't together too often.

Anyway, I'm going teh rap a little about bread...your bread dude!  

Now here's the deal:  You latch on to the Saluki Marooned paperback for $9.89.  I don't know why it's $9.89...I guess  instead of $10, or $11 the author messed up on his calculator. He like Peter Federson, isn't good with math the paperback to give as a gift or something, and the Kindle will be only .99 more cents.  You can't even get deals like this here in 1971.  Of course there was no Kindle in 1971 and...well anyway...the book is a real trip and..."


The Author

"This is the author, Robert Rickman.  I must apologize for that outburst, but Marta is difficult to control sometimes. As I was saying..."

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Why did Robert Rickman write this novel?
"Why did Robert Rickman write this novel," you may ask?  CLICK the book.



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Most of the action takes place around this lake, located on the campus of a major university...a very unusual university...very unusual indeed. CLICK.




If you live in Southern Illinois, here are the stores that you can purchase Saluki Marooned.





Bookworm Saluki Marooned
The Bookworm, 618 E Walnut St, Carbondale
710 Bookstore Saluki Marooned
710 Bookstore, 710 S Illinois Avenue, Carbondale.
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