Saluki Marooned by Robert P. Rickman

Melissa’s Clue # 3

Ramjet Saluki Marooned
Ronald Ramjet of WRRP fame: Ronald Ramjet Productions.

Ramjet here...telling you not to worry Melissa, you'll find the book.  Space cadet Marta, with her love beads and her granny glasses, who Rickman (in a spectacular lack of judgement) put in charge of the clues committee,  knows nothing about radio.   She was going to assign Fritzberger to the task, but even though he is a Radio and TV major...he knows even less than Marta!  So Rickman overruled Marta and put me in charge of this clue.

Now I'm not clear as what all is going on, only that Rickman wrote this novel that takes place now (meaning 1971) and I'm a character it.  The novel is called "Saluki Marooned", and  "marooned" as in "stranded".  Maroon and white are also the school colors.

The Big G
WGNS master control board. See if you can find the SIU mug.

Anyway Rickman sent me some digital (whatever that is) photos of the radio station he works at (WGNS) including this photo of a really nifty looking control board with slide pots!  Wow! There's an SIU mug sitting there and papers all over the place so I assume that Rickman was on-the-air, since I've heard he's really messy.

I've been shown other photos of control boards at the station that were made in the 20th century, that I am more familiar with.  There are something like ten boards in this one radio station.  I've never seen so many boards in one place!  It seems that somebody is no closer than ten feet from a control board any place in the station. (including the restrooms)  In fact there are more boards at WGNS than at the entire ABC radio network.

I think Saluki Marooned is hidden in one of those boards.

Editors note:  Thank you Ronald!  Incidentally the character of, Ronald Ramjet comes from an actual person who was called "ROGER RAMJET" after the cartoon character... who built his own radio station from scratch.

Roger At RRP 1971
This is Roger Ramjet'. CLICK the spiffy clock in the box to HEAR the Jet. (Parental discretion is advised)