Saluki Marooned by Robert P. Rickman

Clue # 2

Schneider Tower SIU, Saluki Marooned.
Schneider Tower at Southern Illinois University.

Letter from Carbondale, Il. May 10, 1971

Dear Melissa,

A rather uhhhh, unusual young lady named Marta telephoned me here at Schneider today asking that I provide you with a clue to where the novel is hidden.

But first, perhaps you might be curious as to why a 78-year-old World War One veteran is staying in a student dormitory.

SINU Saluki Marooned
Altgeld Hall science building at Southern Illinois Normal University.

I started college at what was then known as Southern Illinois Normal University in the early 1920's, but my father died, and I had go to work to support the family.

I always wanted to be an engineer, and at the end of this quarter I’m going to be one—possibly the oldest rookie engineer in existence.  My kids, of course, think I’m nuts, because I’m back here at SIU, living in a dorm.  They think I should be sitting safely in some rest home with my pipe and slippers, taking my morning gruel.  Not for me.

But I digress.  Back to the subject.  Uhhh Marta said the novel (I'm not sure what she's talking about) is located at uhhhhhhhhh, a radio station, WGNS in Murfreesboro, TN.

WGNS-Saluki Marooned
The novel is somewhere in this building.

I hope I've been some help.  I have to go now, I'm waiting for my favorite Radio and TV student, Peter Federson .  He sounds good on WSIU, but he's having some problems with algebra, and I'm tutoring him.

Herb Crowley Saluki Marooned
Herb Crowley pondering an engineering problem in his dorm room at 708 Schneider Tower, SIU. CLICK ON HERB TO SEE HOW THE TUTORING IS GOING.