Saluki Marooned by Robert P. Rickman

H.B. Koblowitz found Saluki Marooned “annoying.” But how annoying?

To sum up my reaction to “Marooned” in one word, it would be “annoying.” The main reason I found your book annoying was because I’d been kicking around a similar storyline – time travel to Carbondale circa 1969 – and you beat me to the punch. I enjoyed parts of

Video About the Planned Destruction of Brush Towers

Mae Smith will be the first to go next year, then it will be Schneider in 2021, followed by Neely in 2024.  Loreto Cruz produced this video on Brush Towers which includes: Eye popping views of the campus, interviews with present SIU students, film of the Roaring 70’s–including riots and street

It’s official: The only two authors who wrote novels about SIU will attend homecoming together.

This lady will be meeting this guy at SIU Homecoming this October.  We are the only two authors who have ever written novels about SIU since the university as chartered in 1869.  I spent a few minutes talking about our collaboration on WRFN radio in Nashville during the Experimental Radio

Want to sell more copies of Saluki Marooned? Invite the Competition. What?

In an attempt to spread the word about SIU far and wide, we’ve decided to ask our main competitor to help us out. On the surface that doesn’t seem like a very bright idea.  After all, there have been only two novels written about Southern Illinois University, and I wrote