He flunked out of the 20th Century. Now he gets to re-take the class!


F in school, F in relationship, F in life...

He flunked Life 101 in the 20th century, and it looks like he's going to flunk it all over again this century.

The reason?   Peter Federson can't get along with: people, social media, laptops, people, cell phones, jobs, people, cleaning, laundry, women, shopping, dressing, men, animals...and people.   


 The trouble started at Southern Illinois University, his Alma Mater...

SIU Lake Saluki Marooned

Peter was yanked out of the 21st Century...

Kyle Fisher of SIU student radio station WIDB ...  

Saluki Marooned Campus Lake

... and climbs out from under a canoe on the morning of May 1, 1971.

Robert Rickman tells WJPF's Dee James that Peter Federson is a failed broadcaster, who started failing at one of the top Radio and TV programs in the country...  

Peter awakens in the  Technicolor world of spring quarter 1971.  And now he faces the choice of preparing himself for the 21st Century...or flunking life yet again.  Peter has the chance to marry the right girl he should have married in the first place--and run like hell from the wrong girl--keep the plug in the jug, develop the presence of mind to actually study, and fight the gremlins that are climbing around in his head, so that he doesn't start the decades long slide back to the dreary, soul destroying, trailer park.

My gosh, how many times have you read this book?

Even for a poor student, the book is cheap. CLICK.

But a wild street party with beer sloshing in the gutters and pot smoke wafting over  the mob, a riot that starts on the old square block campus and spreads to rest of the university, a sadistic algebra instructor who only gives passing grades when the Cubs win (and they almost never won back then) and Peters own penchant for gremlin fueled heebie jeebie inducing self destructive thinking, threatens to make the whole experience a repeat of itself.

For Peter is now attending classes again at  Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in the spring of 1971, with the Saluki--an ancient Egyptian hunting dog--as it's mascot, and maroon and white as its colors.

For Peter, maroon is not just a color anymore but a state of existence, because Peter Federson is marooned in 1971...a Saluki Marooned.  


Saluki Marooned, WIDB, DE

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What is Robert Rickman doing now?

What is Robert Rickman doing now? CLICK the belt.

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