Saluki Marooned by Robert P. Rickman

The Future in the Past Tense


"Marooned in their unresolved pasts, nervous people cannot set a course for the future." 

Robert Von Reichmann MD

Peter Federson's life was littered with divorces, lost jobs, and failure in college, which led to a miserable tour of Vietnam.  One day he realized that it was his own doing.

"Please God, let me start over again!"


The Berkley of the Midwest


24-hours later, fate threw Pete backward forty years. Now he has the chance to earn a passing grade for the 20th century and promotion to the 21st.'



But a dark shadow follows him through the decades and sabotages his efforts, so Spring 1971 threatens to be a morbid echo of itself.


A dark shadow over Thompson Point at Southern Illinois University


Saluki Marooned is now being translated into Chinese and Spanish.
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